We work with our clients to advance these values: 
Abundance over scarcity. 
Strategy over idealism.
Shining bright over burning out. 
Enhancing Leadership

We develop innovative and responsible recommendations to enhance your organizational structure, performance management systems, and overall team health.  

Diversity and Inclusion

We help you align diversity and inclusion with your core business strategy and develop recommendations to improve retention and belonging within your staff. 

Learning and Development

We identify gaps between your business objectives and your employee skillset. We share innovative and blended learning solutions for talent development and and talent planning.


We begin the process by engaging in deep research: reviewing relevant documents, conducting observations, surveys and interviews.


Once we have gathered the information needed, we begin uncovering root causes and brainstorming possible solutions for greater impact.


Based on the analysis, we deliver a detailed recommendation and possible implementation options. We leave you with in depth findings and insights. 

Emerging Impact People + Culture Workshops
Culture Creation

Transform your good intentions to impact by cultivating a culture that reflects your core values and beliefs as a business. We lead you through strategy development, management tactics, and measurement tools of culture in the workplace. 

Making DEI Your DNA

In order to hire and retain top talent for innovation and disruption, diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) must be at the heart of how the organization strategizes, operates and delivers programs and services. This workshop helps you develop a deep understanding of DEI concepts and how they can holistically guide your people strategy. 


Explore strategies to promote greater equity and inclusion for women in the workplace. Viewing women’s experiences with an intersectional lens,  we explore tangible yet simple changes that can jumpstart the conversation around gender equity in the workplace.

Communication + Management

Strategy and trust are at the cornerstone of team work. This workshop will walk through concepts critical to building a team, effectively communicating across different layers of management, and actively developing a team around your strategy. 

Change Management

Businesses are constantly managing change. Learn how to effectively manage change that is efficient, productive and thoughtful. Leaders will walk away with specific frameworks and tools to help manage simple and complex change in the future.

Executive Coaching
One on One Coaching

We work with senior leaders and executives to offer strategies for improved management, personal growth and self care. By designing a customized plan to meet your needs, we will help you hone in on your vision and presence.

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